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Why Who Am I? Directory?

First we should question ourselves i.e. who are we? Who knows about us? We and our colleagues may know that “Who We Are” and others may not know that Who Are We? But with the help of the Who Am I? Directory, you can explore yourself to the world! This is the reason we have initiated the Who Am I? Directory.


Profiles, which are included in the Who Am I? directory, will get a verified tick on the eProfilePedia. Who can apply? Anyone can apply for the inclusion of their profiles in the directory.


Who Am I? Directory is the joint project of ScienTechS and KVRSS Group.

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Included Profiles
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The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Certificate for the profile inclusion.
  • Free social media publicity.
  • Free access to our profile builder software i.e. eProfilePedia.
  • Update your profile at anytime.
  • Verification system for all the included profiles.
  • Verification tick for the included profiles on eProfilePedia.
  • Nominate your profile / your colleague profile.
  • Advanced authentication system for screening every profile.
  • Benefits will be announced from time to time.


It is free of cost. For more information, please visit https://scientechs.org/whoami/ (or) Click Here.

“You can request us to schedule a demo of this project”