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Why RMetaHub?

It is the hub of metadata cum full papers (open access). Currently, there are very few platforms which are maintaining the published papers of certain journals. Some other platforms are maintaining the metadata of the published papers but not the full papers and some platforms are maintaining the full papers of certain journals. It seems there is a need for managing both the metadata cum full papers in one platforms.


After receiving the many requests from the educational institutions and research organizations, we have initiated project in collaboration with the ScienTechS and Crossref.

RMetaHub is purely based on the DOI (Crossref). All the papers which have DOI will be available on the RMetaHub within 30 min (sometimes it may take upto 24 hours) of their DOI activation.


This is the first of its kind which is based on the automatic updation of the metadata cum full papers (open access) instantly within the stipulated time.

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> Millions Papers & Metadata
Educational Institutions
Requests Handling
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Advanced control panel for educational institutions.
  • User management by the institutional admin.
  • Control system for managing the users.
  • Advanced filters for the searching of metadata / full papers.
  • Journal wise search / filter.
  • ISSN based search / filter.
  • DOI based search / filter
  • Categories management like journals, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Advanced communication system (email / SMS).
  • 24/7 support, training & Many more!


For the pricing details, please contact our support team with your requirement.

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