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KVRSS Group is offering various services in healthcare sector, specifically, it is playing key role in technology transfer / technology development (healthcare technology) in this sector. Healthcare technology refers to any IT tools or software designed to boost hospital and administrative productivity, give new insights into medicines and treatments, or improve the overall quality of healthcare. Currently being weighed down by crushing costs and red tape, the industry is looking for ways to improve in nearly every imaginable area. That’s where healthtech comes in. Tech-infused tools are being integrated into every step of the healthcare experience to counteract two key trouble spots: quality and efficiency.

We have a more than 10 years of experience in developing various applications / software for healthcare companies / organizations / hospitals. Therefore, you can expect to have a better support from us!

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Explore our KVRSS Group solution offerings:

KVRSS Group provides guidance and support to organizations / companies / hospitals as they move through the growth life cycle and beyond. KVRSS Group’s long standing experience and multi disciplinary services from foundation to critical risk, compliance, technology, and talent advice allow us to best meet our clients’ needs.

How it work

To deploy our application / software, we usually follows a 3-step process:

  • l-settings
    Step 1


    Deploying the application / software internally and customise according to the client’s requirements.
  • plug-2
    Step 2


    The application / software with the required features will be integrated and hosted in secure environment.
  • algorithm
    Step 3


    Access will be provided to the client and client can provide the access to the users /employees / any other.

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Advantages of our applications / software for hospitals, pharma companies, etc.

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Promotes quality care

By personalizing everything from insurance payments to diets and sleep patterns, KVRSS Group is working to improve human health and reduce much of the unnecessary strain.


Diagnostics & error reduction

The healthcare industry is now using a variety of tech tools to tackle one of its major problems: incorrect or overdue diagnosis.

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Higher efficiency

Throughout any industry, technology is a de-facto catalyst agent for increasing efficiency in operations. Healthcare sector is no exception and experiencing the better results.

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Automated customer service

Smart chatbots, Virtual assistants and advisors, Personalised UI are a few of hundreds of ways for automated customer servicing.

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Administrative activities

A whole host of software tools and applications make it easier for hospitals to handle their growing administrative workloads. Artificial intelligence is helping administrative teams well.

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Drug distribution

For the drug distribution to the patients and the maintenance of records and their retrieval, with our technology, it will be simplified and accurate.

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