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It was experienced by the everyone that "how important is technology in education?" during the Covid'19! Especially, in education, we experienced many struggles to engage the regular tasks. The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly demonstrating why online education cum administration should be a vital part of teaching, learning and administration. By integrating technology into existing curricula, as opposed to using it solely as a crisis-management tool, teachers can harness online learning as a powerful educational tool. The effective use of digital learning tools in classrooms can increase student engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning. It also helps students build essential 21st-century skills.

Virtual classrooms, video, augmented reality (AR), robots, and other technology tools can not only make class more lively, they can also create more inclusive learning environments that foster collaboration and inquisitiveness and enable teachers to collect data on student performance.

With our technology and continuous support, the educational institutions can successfully run their educational institutions and optimizes their regular activities.

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KVRSS Group provides guidance and support to educational institutions as they move through the growth life cycle to scaling, exit readiness, and beyond. KVRSS Group’s long standing experience and multi disciplinary services from foundation to critical risk, compliance, technology, and talent advice allow us to best meet our clients’ needs.

How it work

To deploy our application / software, we usually follows a 3-step process:

  • l-settings
    Step 1


    Deploying the application / software internally and customise according to the client’s requirements.
  • plug-2
    Step 2


    The application / software with the required features will be integrated and hosted in secure environment.
  • algorithm
    Step 3


    Access will be provided to the client and client can provide the access to the users /employees / any other.

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Advantages of our applications / software for educational institutions

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Better engagement

Technology drives better engagement from students and keeps them focused. Teachers can focus on the student activities.


Learning new skills & gaining knowledge

Learners can gain these abilities and expand their knowledge through numerous online programs by utilizing educational technologies.

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Performance improvement

Our technology will improve the performance of administrators, teachers, and students by simplifying the regular tasks.

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Data retrieval and screening

Just with a click, you can get the data relating to the students, regular activities, etc. This data will identify the areas where we would like to have an improvement.

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Self learning

Students can learn on their own by utilizing our eLearning platforms and get the clarifications from the teachers, if they have any doubts.

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Cost reduction & smarter learning

It facilitates cost reduction for schools, allows students to have unlimited access to the learning material, etc (smarter learning).

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