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Why Journal Management System (JMS)?

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source solution to managing and publishing the scholarly journals online.

Why are we suitable?

For managing the technical and non technical tasks by one service provider is difficult! Most of the service providers are dedicated to provide the service for either technical or non technical tasks. Some service providers are providing the service for the installation of the OJS but not its upgradation!

In case of the KVRSS Group, you can expect to have all the services at one place. We will manage both the installation and upgradation of the OJS.

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Total Upgradations
For Educational Institutions
For Companies / Orgnizations
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Upgrading from the basic version to the latest version.
  • Data moving to the latest version of the OJS, if required.
  • Thorough testing of your OJS after its upgradation.
  • 24/7 support, training and many more.


The price is based on the current version of the OJS and its upgradation to the latest version.

“You can request us to schedule a meeting to discuss about the upgradation the OJS"