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Why ABCDiv?

ABCDiv is the modern digital identifier cum verifier which is managing by the ScienTechS and it is a joint project of KVRSS Group and ScienTechS. As we know that many identifiers and verifiers in the current industry are not focusing, specifically, on many areas in the scientific, publishing and education sectors. But ABCDiv will cover most of the areas of the scientific, publishing and education sectors. It provides the digital identification cum verifier IDs for every published record. With its unique identification and verification system, it is very easy to identify and verify the paper / record (i.e. journal paper, book, book chapter, conference papers, etc).

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Requests Received
Educational Institutions
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Advanced publishers’ control panel.
  • Advanced request approval system.
  • ADi: Article Digital Identifier
  • BDi: Book Digital Identifier
  • BCDi: Book Chapter Digital Identifier
  • CDi: Conference Digital identifier
  • V Mark (ADiv, BDiv, BCDiv, CDiv): Verify Mark
  • Documentation on every feature.
  • Registered members (publishers/ organizations, etc) display for the transparency.
  • Advanced verification system for knowing the activation status of the ID as well as for verification of every approved ID.
  • 24/7 support, training and many more!


It is free of cost. For more information, please visit https://abcdiv.org/ (or) Click Here.

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