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Why RePoSiTo?

In the recent years, we are experiencing the advancements in the technology which is using by the various sectors. Particularly, In education / publishing sectors, publishers / organizations / educational institutions are using wide variety of the technologies for engaging their everyday activities. In this case, the data safety is an important factor to be considered. All the communities, for the data safety, will approach the preservative / archiving platforms. There may be some preservation / archiving platforms which will offer the service for the data protection. But, most of the platforms are not sector / industry specific. Because of this, publishing and library communities may not reach their expectations in the data preservation.


By considering the needs and requirements of the publishing and library communities, in association with the ScienTechS, we have developed a platform called as RePoSiTo.

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Requests Received
Educational Institutions
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Office login.
  • Digital storage.
  • Folders for volume and issue wise management.
  • Advanced audit system.
  • Advanced audit control system.
  • Audit reports management.
  • Well documentation.
  • Instant contact option.
  • SMTP integration.
  • Advanced message communication system.
  • Suitable for the publishers, educational institutions, library, etc.


For the pricing details, please contact our support team with your requirement.

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