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Why Journal Citation Index (JCI)?

Citations of the published papers are playing key role in deciding the quality of the research / paper which in turn decides the quality of the journal. These citations are using for the calculation of the author metrics like h-index, i10 index, etc.


There are many platforms which will maintain the citations of the published papers and journal wise metrics. Few (mainly) of them are Google Scholar, SCI / SCIE (JCR), and the Crossref. The before said platforms are managing the citations of all the indexed journals. In case of the Google Scholar, it is the world's largest citation managing platform and it will maintain the citations for indexed papers, journals and authors. The most popular individual metrics (h-index & i10 index) are calculated by considering the Google Scholar citations.


In case of the Crossref, they are maintaining the citations based on the DOI (World's most popular and unique Digital Object Identifier of the published content). These citations are more accurate due to its calculation based on the DOI.


Out of the above popular citation management platforms, JCR (journal indexed in SCI / SCIE) is providing the impact factor for the indexed journals. Some other platforms are also maintaining the citations of published papers but those are not accepted by the scholarly publishing industry due to their inaccurate technology and lack of transparency in calculation of citations!


After getting huge number of requests, we have collaborated with the ScienTechS for the development of a platform for the calculation of impact factor. After developing the standard protocols for the impact factor calculation, we also have decided to implement the new metrics for the calculation of the journal quality.                       

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  • Impact factor (JCI IF)
  • — Standard Journal Impact Factor
  • — Annual Journal Impact Factor
  • — Five Year Journal Impact Factor
  • — Total Journal Impact Factor   
  • Journal Quality Score (JCI QS)


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