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Why Student Verification System (SVS)?

Due to fake certificates, many companies / Universities are contacting the host University, where student has been studies, for the genuinity check of the certificates. It takes lot of time for verification of student details in offline mode and it requires technology to speedup the verification process. Many Universities / educational institutions are struggling to digitalize the necessary details of the student for verification.


With our cloud application, called as Student Verification System (SVS), you can manage the student data which is necessary for the student verification just with a click.

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Total Deployments
Educational Institutions
Companies / Orgnizations
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Office login and roles management for the employees.
  • No limit on the roles management and employees onboarding.
  • Managing the student’s required data.
  • Payment gateway.
  • Automatic verification of the student with our online payment system.
  • advanced control system.
  • Server management.
  • 24*7 support, training and many more.

Pricing & Customizations

Customizations: As per your requirement, we will make customizations in our application for you.  

Pricing: Contact our support team with your requirement.

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