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Why Messaging Communication Management System (MCMS)?

In this advanced technology era, most of the people are using the mobile devices. In simple words, mobile devices are becoming the integral part of the everyone's life and all the communications will reach directly to the individual. Because of this, most of the companies are using the messaging system for the promotion of their products / services.

In case of the educational institutions, they are sending the messages for communicating the details of admissions, holidays, exams, etc.


By considering the requirements of various sectors / industries, we have developed a cloud application called as Messaging Communication Management System (MCMS).

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Total Deployments
Educational Institutions
Companies / Orgnizations
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Office login.
  • Group messaging.
  • Bulk messaging.
  • Transactional messages.
  • Groups management.
  • DLT management.
  • DLT integration.
  • Getting the DLT approval for the messages to be sent.
  • Custom message header.
  • Content template management in DLT.
  • Header template management in DLT.
  • Server management.
  • 24*7 support, training and many more.

Pricing & Customizations

Customizations: As per your requirement, we will make customizations in our application for you.  

Pricing: Contact our support team with your requirement.

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