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Why Feedback Management System (FBMS)?

In recent years, most of the higher education institutions are applying for the NAAC. As per the criteria, we should take the feedback for various activities from the students, faculty, parents, vendors, etc. As on today, most of the institutions are taking feedback in hard copies or simple online forms but not using any software / application. This is the time consuming process and will take more time to prepare the summary. Even for retrieving the specific feedback data, it takes lot of time and we can't predict it more accurate due to the manual calculations, etc.


By considering the criteria of the NAAC, we have developed a cloud application called as Feedback Management System (FBMS).

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Total Deployments
Educational Institutions
Companies / Organizations
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Office login.
  • Faculty login.
  • Student login.
  • Vendor / employer login.
  • Parent login.
  • Assigning feedback forms simultaneously to individual or all the roles.
  • One click summary view.
  • Feedback (form wise and total) summary generation.
  • No limit on users creation.
  • No limit on assigning the feedback forms to the various roles.
  • One click export of the individual submitted feedback forms as well as the total submitted feedback forms.
  • Graphical representation of the feedbacks.
  • Server management.
  • 24*7 support, training and many more.

Pricing & Customizations

Customizations: As per your requirement, we will make customizations in our application for you.  

Pricing: Contact our support team with your requirement.

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