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Why eLearning Management System (eLearningMS) ?

e-Learning is also called as an electronic learning or a web-based training. It is anywhere, and anytime instruction delivered over the internet or a corporate intranet to the students and other learners via browser / application. Contrary to the traditional learning methods, e-Learning lets students, employees in training and casual learners participate in an organized learning experience regardless of their physical location.


At starting, e-Learning tools are used to deliver the learning material directly from a teacher to the learner. But now, the e-Learning experience has evolved to enable more multidirectional communication using the interactive tools. Because of this evolution, the learners have a greater freedom in choosing how they receive and respond to e-Learning content.


Due to the Covid'19, many educational institutions and companies have taken a step to implement the e-learning for the teaching and training purposes. KVRSS Group has provided a free support to many educational institutions during the Covid pandemic. Later, we have taken a step to develop advanced cloud application for the e-Learning management and named it as a eLearning Management System (eLearningMS).  

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Total Deployments
Educational Institutions
Companies / Organizations
The solution & Technology

Features & Support

  • Course / Programme Management.
  • Course Categories Management.
  • Modules Management.
  • Student / Learner Login.
  • Office / Admin Login.
  • Student / Learner Dashboard.
  • Office / Admin Dashboard.
  • Self Assessment.
  • Module Wise Assessment.
  • Payment Gateways Integration (Offline / Online Payment).
  • Online Mock Tests Management.
  • Student / Learner Notes Management.
  • Detailed Documentation.
  • SMTPs Integration.
  • Server management.
  • 24*7 support, training and many more.

Pricing & Customizations

Customizations: As per your requirement, we will make customizations in our application for you.  

Pricing: Contact our support team with your requirement.

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