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Why DOI Reference Linking (Crossref)?

In order to eligible for the cited-by (offering by the Crossref) and getting the citation count, the publishers should submit the references of every published paper. Recently, Crossref is asking its members to deposit the references every published paper! Reference Linking is beneficial to the publisher and authors. How? Publishers can get the citation report of every published paper and they can even calculate the impact factor (self). In case authors, they can get know the citations of their papers as well as it will bring the reputation to their works by gaining the more attention from the researchers, etc.


Why do you work with us?

KVRSS Group is a sponsored organization of Crossref. Our experts are very experienced in the services offered by the Crossref. Therefore, we will bring right information to you as well as you can expect to have a more success rate with us when compared to other service providers!     

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Features & Support

  • Training will be provided about the references format to be sent to us.
  • We will deposit your references (paper wise) successfully.
  • Integration of cited-by, if you require!
  • Suggestions for the representation of references.
  • You no need to hire the tech expert, we do it for you.     
  • 24*7 Support.


  • Rs. 10 / Paper (no limit on number of references of the paper)

The above price is inclusive of all the taxes and no extra charges applicable.

“You can request us to schedule a meeting to discuss about the DOI's Reference Linking process!”