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About Our Proofread Service

KVRSS Group's Proof Read Service is a global and reliable proof read service provider that offers outstanding and excellent English editing and proof read service at rapid, professional and affordable rate. Until reaching the higher accuracy of a manuscript, KVRSS Group will give continuous support to our clients in aview to achieve the client’s satisfaction. We are providing the service to edit and proof read all forms of written works but not limited to the dissertations, thesis, books, manuscripts, conference souvenir and essays, etc. Each paper, manuscript, thesis, dissertation, (or) any other written work is/are thoroughly checked for spelling, grammatical errors, clarity, style of presentation, word choice, punctuation, reference style and formatting until the accuracy and greater acceptance is achieved.

We Guarantee the Following

➦ Rapid service without compromising on quality.
➦ Improvement of manuscript(s) to enhance its / their chances of publication.
➦ Confidentiality of the submitted work(s).
➦ Continuous support until greater accuracy is achieved.
Our representatives will be in touch with the clients until achieving the customer satisfaction.


We will provide the service for all types of disciplines (subjects) and it is not limited to the specific descipline.


KVRSS Group's Proofread team is very well experinced in their respective disciplines or fields or subjects.

Pricing might be varied based on the requirement and number of pages to be edited.

Online Submission

Soon, online submission will be enabled!

You can also submit your doc or thesis or research through any of the available channels like email, whatsapp, etc.

You can also share your doc (if it is more size) using the SharePoint!

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