KVR Tech Hub

Web Development

Website design & development.
➦ Website maintenance.
➦ Unlimited updations.

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Web Hosting

Hosting as per the client choice.
➦ Hosting on cloud servers.
➦ Google cloud / AWS, etc.

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Online Classroom

Google Classroom.
➦ Microsoft Teams.
➦ As per the client requirement.

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Google Workplace

Formerly it is a G Suite.
➦ Professional emails & classroom.
➦ There are many more features.

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Microsoft Office 365

Professional emails & teams.
➦ Sharepoint & cloud storage.
➦ There are many more features.

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Zoho Workplace

Professional emails.
➦ Zoho entertainment.
➦ There are many more features.

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Other Services

Go to Our Services
➦ Look at the list of services.
➦ Choose the right service.

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