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Collaboration with ScienTechS

KVR Publishing House (Unit of KVRSS Group) has collaborated with the ScienTechS to offer the services based on the products of ScienTechS. We provide assistance for the products of peeReview (Manuscript Review Management System), RePoSiTo (Digital Repository), RMetaHub, Journal Citation Index (JCI) and ABCDiv (Digital Identifier & Verifier) and Who Am I? Directory. We are also have a plan to provide service on other products of ScienTechS by expanding our collaboration to those products.



General FAQs

  • Do you provide assistance for deployment of products offering by the ScienTechS?
    Yes, we do!
  • Do we pay additional charges for this deployment?
    No. If it is a paid product, you dont' want to pay extra charges and pay only product / service cost as specified by the ScienTechS.
  • If you are not colleborated with product offering ScienTechS, how can we take assistance from you?
    If the product is coming under oor collaboration agreement with ScienTechS, we will provide that service / product instantly. If it is not listed in that collaboration agreement, no worries, we will provide the assiatnce for you by contacting the ScienTechS. Any how, we have a plan to extend our collaboration to all the products / services offering by the ScienTechS.
  • Do you provide technical support?
    Yes, we do. 24/7 Support is available!
  • May I know other services offering by you?
    Visit Services Section (look at menu).
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