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Day by Day, DOI is becoming the mandatory for every published papers. Why? Becasue of its unique identification system as well as its citation counts, it is gaining more attention from the authors and industry!

How to get it?

The biggest organization which is providing the DOI service is Crossref. For taking service from Crossref, you have to take the membership which is valid for 1 year. So, every year, you have to renewal your membership.

Fee / Price

Annual membership: It is based on your turnover. Ex: if your business turnover is <1 million USD, the annual membership fee is 275 USD.

Per DOI: You have to pay for every DOI registration.

KVRSS Group: It is the Sponsored Organization of Crossref. It is also authorized organization for providing the DOI service for the publishers.

Annual membership: NIL (Zero).

Per DOI: Rs. 120 (including of all the taxes, no extra charges)